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The Best Art Classes for Kids

Discover your new favourite hobby today!


Social art & craft classes

We have a huge range of social art and craft classes on offer - and NONE of them need you to have any prior experience.

Losing yourself in something creative is so positive for your mental health. Through Sheree's guidance you will take home something you've created and that you're proud of - but it's the process that's way more important than the end result. You'll learn new skills, spend time with old friends and meet some new ones, pass some valuable me-time, and maybe discover something about yourself you never knew.

Facepainting and temporary tattoos

Facepainting for both children and adults at community events, birthday parties, hen nights, corporate and themed events.

Glitter tattoos are a fabulous waterproof option if you're looking at a Christmas or Australia Day party at the pool.

Add a colourful twist to your pregnancy photo shoot or reveal with pregnant belly painting.

If you want something like facepainting, but facepainting is not the right feel for your event, consider realistic looking airbrush tattoos. ​They stay on up to five days but are easy to remove with rubbing alcohol.


Birthday parties

Junior's birthday has rolled around AGAIN (didn't she JUST have one?!) and you're a bit over the Apex Park option. Half the year it's too hot, the rest of the year there's no plan B if it rains, and it's been done to death - and even if the weather is on your side, it's still a whole bunch of work for you that you don't really need added to your plate right now.

This year, why not try a Paint the Town birthday party? 

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